How on earth do you make a comeback these days?

Okay so I played a bit of Dota 2 and returned for a couple of league games the past week. The new pre-season patch seems to have kicked in and omg, does the game snowball right after the first tower is down these days. This cannot be the result of a minor change. Damage seems to be at an all time high, and towers go down VERY easily after the 14 minute mark. Games end far too fast these days and there's barely any room for a comeback in most matches, once the tower is down. Good luck winning games if you're a good player who has been teamed with a troll/feeder in solo queue coz there's little way a single character can make a huge impact in a game this snowbally. I am heading back to Dota 2, and I am done with this shitfest where things do downhill with every patch. This isn't a season I am going to be around for.
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