League of Legends,I give up

Hello everyone,I'm sure no one care,but I have something to say I play LOL from the 2014 December,end of S4 I like this game, they relaxes me...to be honest sometimes make me angry :-) but its ok , it does not matter simple i start play this game 2014,I played until the last update. I didnt know that they change game this much almost in every update/patch. on S5 was some changes,i thought it's updates for balancing the game,to be hones,for me game is so much unbalanced. many champions but few of them are playful + they create several new champ etc. as time goes they change game more and more, i was wrong ,they changed game in last 6 month's so much.I know every game need some update,some balancing but this what RIOT did is not balancing,this is extermination. from the last update, and new dragons some new "skills" for mages, new champions, game start to be for me so boring. since last update I played maybe 6 game's, game make me so bored and I have no desire to play so I decided to leave this. Maybe i still can play,but i wont to play new game after every new pach,and if they continue to do this for 5 years League of Legends will not resemble on original game I'm sure im not only one and im sure that more and more people will get bored by this game if they continue to "balancing" on this way. stop to destroying this game GL p.s. If you(RIOT) want to make something good in game,make that people can spectate every game,make that we can watch our replay when we want etc. and if you want new game, CREATE new game ,stop to destrying this one.
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