Jhin.Your thoughts about about his/her origin,goal and source of power.

ORIGIN: Hmm, well for starts i'm sure that this champion must be from Ionia.Why do i believe its from Ionia.Well because it's been some time since the last time we've seen a champion with korean/chinese/japanese air.But the thing is don't know if this new champion is a patriot. GOAL: Honestly i really don't know.When i look at the icons the only thing i see are targets.{{champion:238}} the rival that must be killed.{{champion:254}} the daring law enforcer who tries to capture him/her.{{champion:86}} the warrior that protects his/her targets.{{champion:37}} don't know why but i have a feeling they are connected with each other by a strange bond.My guess is that they are blood related or their powers( or maybe their tools) react to each others. If we look at things this way Jhin must be a great assassin.What he seeks is not power or meaningless deaths.I think he seeks something more personally like the revival of his/her clan or maybe he/she is looking for something which Jhin lost it a long time ago. POWER: I think by now it's pretty obvious that Jhin power are eye related.My guess is that he/she can enter in the dreams of his/her target and assassinate them there or seek info.Maybe Jhin's pupil change shape and each shape has a different effect.
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