Zed and Fizz

So u (Riot Games) say that is important all champs beeing fun to play against right?? So why is zed and fizz so broken?? Like u update a lote of assassins because there was no reaction time u did a great job on katarina now u have to wait ur daggers and need skill set them the right way. But tell me where is the reaction time to a zed??? Zed lvl 3 one shots u. Lvl 6 kills u easly ( at 10 min u do not have a zohnias btw and stopwatch is 1 use only) and fizz is just a pure pain in the ass cuz he goes and in out and there is nothing u can do about cuz of the %%%%ing back flip. Zed can go in kill u and go out with the shadow... But kat can't have th ward jump... I really do not understand this... Now u will say that Kat is broken af and bla bla bla. But tell me can kat by herself run away jumping a wall like a zed does? (She can but if it is a preaty small wall)? Can kat back flip and run away and be untargetable?? Don't think so
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