More Skill, Less Luck and Chance

With most of the recent champions, there has been an increasing trend towards Riot making champions who are entirely luck based such as {{champion:157}} who depends on {{item:3087}} to deal massive damage. However his damage is all crit damage which is based on luck anyway so when one Q takes you down to 3/4 of your health because Yasuo hit you and got lucky... why should he be rewarded in this way. Surely its better to reward players with advantages IF they have played well and not just on the odd stroke of luck. The reason League is criticised because it is not a very skill driven moba but is more driven towards "action" and "flashy plays" which actually makes the experience much more toxic. Please riot, get rid of crits so that skill can reign over luck in this game? {{champion:157}} can just dive in at any level, something you cannot do on other champions, REGARDLESS of how well you play. Why does Yasuo get rewarded so easily, from the start?
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