bot lane has less impact then 2 minion waves on top lane

Hmmm lets think about the acutal state of bot lane.Bot lane:exp nerf,reworked items nerfed,poke champ(zyra,brand,velkoz) wining the lane everytime.Getting out of the lane as 3-0 kaisa? hmmm your gonna face the enemy top laner that is 2 lv up on you with prob at least 2/0/1 beacuse your jg ganked once the bottom lane for you (huge mistake).I never felt this lonely before with supports helping more the mid laner then ever before(lost chapter btw).Sometimes you get into good games getting 4 drakes wining jg bot and top but that ONE player who refused to stay def against diana(who the fk pays atention to this busted key spammers champs that need 1 or 2 kills to burst your whole team down)lost us the entire game #best jg and mid always wins(even taric and kass is a thing with taric haveing the highest win rate).What do you think about the state of bottom lane right now I think about maining mid bcs I dont want to play 1000+ games to get into master.Sry for my bad english :)
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