playing this game is just out of discussion...

i have 3 wins strike on my provisionals games , and i play good and have good game again on the 4 th game... , but there appears to be a nocturne who whole game just focus me , one shot me , i have no options to dodge or to survive him , he was going duskblade that new attack speed item which is still broke as shit expecially for nocturne gameplay... This nocturne just can w and dodge my e when he use ulti (i played jinx), also can use his e on longer distances than it should be , having no capacity to even escape from that with flash ... , how you can counter a nocturne in the conditions you must all time face a death... , is just f12341 stupid and broken to don't be able to play 20-30 minuts because one guy decided to 212341 you until you loss .
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