my problem with leblanc

i'm not gonna complain that leblanc is overpowered. but i have a few problems with her. right off the bat, i'm just a gold pleb, trying to get good at adc. i feel most confident with {{champion:18}} and {{champion:429}} . and i work hard. i'm trying my best to improve my teamfight targeting, im trying to know my matchups, to know my counters and what exactly about that champion counters me, i try my best to learn when are good times to engage, what fights i can win, what fights i shouldnt engage into and so on. but then theres...{{champion:7}} and let me tell you, facing leblanc is the most demoralising thing that ever happens to me personally. i'm busting my ass, trying to get good, trying to figure out the best ways to play, micromanaging my and the enemy team, and can you even imagine how shitty it feels when all of your hard work can just be dismissed with a single point and click projectile and a dash that instantly gets you to safety after murdering someone. and the worst thing is that i feel useless. i feel like i'm a shitty player. i think to myself what's the point of playing this game, when you can do it all so much easier with instant safety. well why dont i mention zed and rengar and talon or other assasins while im at it? well thats because they actually take skill (exept talon tho). zed is reliant on hitting his q, otherwise you can reallly fuck up and rengar has a combo that's not the easiest to get used to. when i die to other assasins, i feel like i'm at faoult. i feel like it was my mistake that got me killed, like overextending, or not staying beside my tanks. but with leblanc, whenever i die, i allways try to think why did that happen, what could have i done differently, and honestly the best idea that comes to mind is sitting at fountain. please let me know if there are others who feel the same way about {{champion:7}}

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