"Git Gud" MY ASS

OK, I'm not the kind, who posts rants here all the time or at all, but I can't help it this time... Just look at my last ranked with Lux. Even at the Normal games. I usually get an enemy team full of smurfs (probably), who'd gank not just 3v2, but 4v2 for example ALL THE TIME. In contrast my Mid laner doesn't even bother leaving their lane. Feeders all over the place. Just look at that Tristana, she can't even hop over a wall. And they go to play ranked. Teemo support, who got useless in the late game. Shall I go on? How am I supposed to solo carry them? In URF I atleast have almost 0 CD, so maaaaaaaaybe I could by chance, but in ranked? Nah. And if the game is based on teamplay... Why should anyone solo carry in the first place? I just can't... Was at 70LP, now I'm bact to ZERO. THANK YOU. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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