My Draven Story

Hey fellow Draven mains We all had something that attracted us to Draven, why don't you share your stories on why you mained Draven My story is : I was playing dominion, and then i didn't know who to play and then i saw that moustache. I instantly locked in as Draven and then i loaded into the game. When i used my Q and threw it at the enemy and saw a chunk of their health go i was shocked... Then i did it again and again and again and then i got kills. I was amazed with this champ and then i went into my shop saw he cost 6300 ip and then i saw that i had a refund and then i just refunded Darius and bought Draven. After a while i was learning his mechanics and from that day till now i have been playing Draven. {{champion:119}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3117}}
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