So is riot doing anything about the tank meta?

I don't get it do they want it back they did this nerfed every jungler item besides {{item:1401}} like what ? this should have been the adc meta like just look at ekko {{champion:245}} even building 1 tank item on this guy should be bad he should be a champion with a very high skill cap that can 1 shot the entire enemy team or get 1 shot building him tank just makes him easy to play and {{champion:105}} wtf Tank fizz this is how bad the meta has got hope riot does something about this if they rework assassins in the wrong way that even might help the tank meta which is horrible league was at a great state 25m fast games now its 35-40 mins lose 1 fight lose the game i really hope the assassin rework and the new mage items kill the tank meta no other meta could be worse then this
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