Jungle Master (new way to play Jungle) [Champion Suggestion]

1. Introduction The issue with champion’s today is that we are beginning to run short of mechanics that are new and refreshing. We have a lot of champions that either teleport, hook, grab, leap, or some other repetitive mechanic. Here are a bunch of champion mechanics I believe will make League of Legends different, and will change the playstyle of the game. 1. The Jungle Master At the beginning of the game, the jungle master infuses with an allied crystal, granting 25% damage resistance and 50% more health for the allied crystal. (This is the object where if destroyed, you lose the game). Upon infusing with the crystal, it cannot be reverted; the champion gains 4 new abilities, a passive, immune from all physical and magical damage, but cannot access the shop unless killed. **1- His Passive**: Every 60 seconds, empower all minions currently active on the map, granting 10% more health, damage, and resistances against enemy attacks, lasting until the minion dies. While allied minions are under this effect, they can now be directed to attack an enemy champion; all minions within 15 yards of the attack command, will attack the specific target. (That is, if you order the bot lane minions to attack an enemy champion, they will stop what they are currently attacking for all minions within 15 yards; they can be ordered to move as well). 2- The jungle master will gain gold from enemy minions killed, provided that a minion is within range of the killed minion. 3- **His Q**: (20 second cool-down) Take control of a non-epic jungle creature, or large minion, granting it 20% movement speed, 15% damage, armour, and magic resist, that is mind controlled for 20 seconds. After the mind control ends, the creature returns to the jungle or to its lane, killing the jungle master upon the end of its duration. 4- **His W **(15 second cool-down): Spawn a plant at the specified target area, allowing only the allied team to use it: instantly casting the spell creates a healing plant, healing all allied minions and champions within 50 yards; holding the button down creates a slowing plant, slowing all enemy champions and minions by 50% for 4 seconds. Activating the ability again on a plant that has not been activated, will grant further abilities: activating the ability on a healing plant also increases attack speed and movement speed of allied champions by 25% (increases duration of the spell by an additional 8 seconds). If activated on a slowing plant, it now decreases the armour and magic resist of enemy champions by 15% (increases the duration of the spell by an additional 10 seconds). 5- **His E** (8 second cool-down): Removes the targeted bush in the jungle for 5 seconds, luring all non-epic jungle creatures to the enemy player if the bush was removed while they were inside the bush, revealing the fog of war for the bush that was removed. If multiple enemy players are spotted inside the removed bush, then the jungle is evenly distributed to attack all enemy players found in the bush. 6- **His R** (150 second cool-down): infuse with the Baron, or Dragon, granting them 15% movement speed, 15% damage, and 20% damage resistance additional stats. For the 30 second duration, you are able to move, and directly control one of these creatures; each epic creature has a set of 4 new abilities for you to cast, depending on which creature you select (Baron has 4 abilities, Dragon has 4 abilities), and direct them to attack a specific target. At the end of the duration, the jungle master dies, but the creature returns to their position (it does not die). 7- **His R**(140 second cool-down): if R selects a non-epic monster, such as giant frog, giant birds, wolves, sentinels, brambleback, or krugs, then the champion gains control of all creatures in the Jungle, including both red and blue side jungle creatures, each gaining 5% damage, damage resist, and 15% movement speed; all being able to attack a target specified by the jungle master. After 30 seconds, all creatures die, including the jungle master. If any creatures are dead in the camp when R is activated, then the remaining creatures alive gain 10% damage, resistance, and 5% movement speed for each creature dead in the jungle. 8- **His R**(140 second cool-down) If R selects a minion, all minions are empowered and controllable by the jungle master; increasing the rate minions spawn by 50%, the damage for each minion is increased by 25%, has 25% more movement speed, and 25% damage resistance. After 30 seconds, all minions are killed including the jungle master. 9- **His R**(380 second cool-down) If all three ultimate's have been used in a single game (control baron, control non-epic monsters, and control minion), the ultimate upgrades to control ALL creatures on the map, combining the effect of all three ultimate's described above, controlling the Baron, Dragon, jungle-creatures, and minions, each dealing 10% less damage. The duration increases to 45 seconds for mind control, but kills all minions, except Epic and non-epic jungle monsters. 10- All creatures killed as a result of the ultimate's duration ending, grants no gold for the jungle master; only minions or champions killed with the creatures grant gold. His items Two choices here: 1. each item will increase the controlled creatures and minions stats', instead of the jungle master. For example, 50% of the jungle master's armour, magic resist, health, and attack damage, is added to each creature when controlled. Or 2. the shop can also allow the jungle master to 'upgrade' minions that spawn, or mind control for longer, or increase the stats for epic monsters, or non-epic monsters controlled, so they are harder to kill. His weakness/Counter play. He relies solely on creatures, minions, and the jungle. If these creatures are killed, he is extremely weak, and cannot do a lot of damage. He is very easy to shut down, but very potent if he is not. Do you think this champion will work?
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