Nasus overall

I might be a Platinum player on EUNE that got tired of playing alongside autofillied supports on bot almost every single game and eventually got tired and moved on to top lane to try and climb the ladder, but i can't be the only one that thinks this champion is beyond broken. As i said, i moved to top lane as an adc main, which means i don't have many champions for top lane and don't know the matchups very well. What i've seen almost every Nasus do in my games is: Stack for 10mins, buy a Frozen Heart around 10min mark, get a 10min powerspike off of runes and then solo kill your enemy without a threat of being killied or counterganked because you have shit ton of healing, 4sec slow and shit ton of movement speed. Have you ever wondered why 3 out of 141 champions in league that can stack infinitely are beyond broken in late? Yeah, me neither. But that's how it is. Being able to do nothing for the entire game except last hitting minions with q and flashing onto the adc in the deciding teamfight and dealing 80% of the target's health while still being full hp and winning the game off of that is just sad. I am aware that this thread is not going to do anything about Nasus as a champion, but i'm hoping i'll at least get some tips on how to play against it and counter it Thank you.

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