How's Jhin supposed to work?

So I picked up Jhin today and tried playing him. Lost five out of six matches and wasn't able to contribute in any of them. I looked through his stats and abilities, but it seems to me that his kit just can't work on a basic level. Where ordinary AD carries get full value out of crit chance, attack speed and lifesteal, Jhin gets reduced effectiveness on all of them in addition to getting a 2.5 second downtime after every fourth shot. His attack speed scaling is reduced by 75%, his crit chance scaling is increased by 15% (Not accounting for interactive scaling between attack speed and crit chance, also not accounting for the fact that every fourth shot doesn't apply crit chance) and he gets to reload. The lower attack speed makes him stand still for longer when firing his gun, which doesn't help his completely immobile person from surviving anything, and it also hampers the reliability of any lifesteal he might purchase. Basically everyone is saying he's really strong, but his passive just seems like a quadruple negative, and his abilities are nothing spectacular either. Long cooldowns, mismatched, one ability doesn't even serve much of a purpose by itself, it seems. Even his ult is just a watered down version of Xerath's Arcane Barrage, dealing less damage, having a longer cooldown, and providing much more counterplay opportunities. So my question is, how is this supposed to work? He doesn't work as an ability based carry because he can't employ any of the crutch items AP carries rely on, and he can't become a basic attack DPS because his passive reduces his scaling with auxiliary stats and sets his basic attack DPS to 0 after every fourth strike. I feel like he was a massive waste of BE. Bonus question: Why the hell was ghost crippled when Flash has been mandatory pick since day 1?
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