Why doesn't rito go professional in darts?

Hi so today rito games released a new patch where as we can obviously see no one is happy with it. As you can see they played darts again so they nerfed akali again (no reason nerf wont make much difference) buffed darius,sylas and ekko for no reason lol guess that they got the center of the target for these champs so yeah. Im actually starting to think that they will lose so much players by refusing to nerf 1. Vladimir (most broken mage in the entire game by far) 2. Vayne (most broken ad carry impossible to assasiante and kill) 3. Jax (no counterplay broken bad designed bruiser) 4. Riven (champion that can be played by your head and is beyond broken with her dashes shields knockups AOE ult and spear of sojean as main problem for jax and riven) Do you guys think dart will hit the nerf for these 4 champions or nah?
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