Tahm Kench: Suggestions

Tahm Kench Top Cancer yada yada … Tahm Kench Support Boring blah blah … Which one is healthier? Support. Which equally boring support is in the game, getting the same flak for ruining the great plays you all are so proud of? Soraka. Is she balanced? Yes. Does she require a change of playstyle from their opponents? Yes. So what about Tahm Kench? Maybe the same concept of attrition that keeps Soraka balanced could be applied to him. See the problematic thing about Support Kench is that you can not kill him appearantly. Focus the carry and he eats him, focus him and the damage does not stick around due to his E. Solution? Change his E. My Proposal: No more grey health generation, when eating allies and previously activated shield on his E is lost when devouring friends . Basically easier to pop when attacking him. He is more likely to die with this in all ins or ganks. In Return lower W CD on friendly devour, re enable use of flash and No more grounded. In regards to Top lane the change of the mark system would help. Maybe make it four marks for enemy devour, three for stun and a stun erases all marks. Tl;Dr: Don't care, don't read.
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