Morgana and lux hitboxes

So there are many crazy hitboxes in the game but for me morgana and lux have some of the most frustrating ones. Morgana Q and lux's q and her ultimate especially are incredibly annoying sometimes and you will seem to be nowhere near where the spell cast. I think it's about time you addressed this issue and at the very least make the animation larger. I can not stress how many times a lux ultimate has hit me when the animation is nowhere even close to me and it's hard to predict how much AOE the spell actually has. You have a lot of fixing to do regarding the game riot, broken champions, unbalanced items and other things. But this has been an issue not only with lux and morgana but quite a few other notable champions like {{champion:53}} and{{champion:32}} for a long time now . How long does it take to fix this?
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