Does anyone even care anymore about ranked ?

So I was banned for 14 days because I intentionally fed in a ranked game, and since yesterday I have returned to league. I was spamming ranked games eversince and I noticed that people really dont care anymore in ranked games. And I m not talking about the usual trolls and AFK'ers, no it seems like people are just tired of the gameplay and dont really want to win anymore. Flaming (at least in my observations) really has decreased in game overall, so thats really not the problem for me. I mean like when toplane is pushed and we are for example in the middle of the botlane jungle noone really recalls or does stuff because it seems like people do not commit as hard to the gameplay as they used to. Maybe its the summer heat or maybe its the frustration that this %%%%ed company still struggles to push out clash, but it just seems like people are tired of league. I wont cry that league isnt what it used to be because it always will be what it used to be, but this new meta really is stressful. Maybe you have ideas of maybe you completely disagree with me and call me a silver scrum that has to "git gud" whatever, I m really interested in your opinions
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