Sejuani support build (??)

OK I recently came up with a {{champion:113}} Sejuani support build and I thought of sharing it because I felt like it's a very good option for the champion. I'm not a Sejuani main though, so all feedback is welcome. For runes, we go Unsealed Spellbook, Magical Footwear, Future's Market and Approach Velocity. For secondary, we pick Resolve: Demolish and Conditioning. For masteries, we get 10% attack speed, 10 adaptive power and 5 armor / mr if there's, as it happens so often lately, another goddamn mage at bot. For summoner's spells, we go {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:4}}. So, with the recent buffs Sejuani received to her damage she's become pretty strong in locking down isolated targets, therefore we take teleport as our primary spell in order to teleport into other lanes and use our damage to effectively roam early in the game and help teammates win their lanes. Remember to ask your teammates to ward deep inside their lanes so you can arrive to their aid. Yes, even {{champion:157}}. The main point is to be present everywhere in the map with teleport and {{item:3117}} which we buy as early as possible and use {{summoner:14}} to be opressive in lane, {{summoner:3}} to protect your adc, {{summoner:11}} for dragon / baron / scuttle bla bla, etc. You know the drill. We are exceptionally good at bot lane as Sejuani due to the high damage we got, along with the early 10 ability power from masteries to give us a slightly stronger all-in damage, so we try to burst the enemy adc everytime they try to engage on yours. Or we can go agressive if we can afford it. Sejuani has a knock-up, a slow, a stun, another stun and a powerful aoe slow. She can be very good both at engaging and also protecting her squishies. Magical Footwear is good to save the 300 gold you would waste on boots for other items instead, plus the +10 bonus movespeed is nice too. Since you will try to roam early on and you also have so much power in lane, you should be able to get a few takedowns pretty quickly. Future's Market is great to buy items like {{item:3118}} and {{item:3050}} very early on in the game. Both of these are great for Sejuani in the support role. Approach Velocity is perfect for hunting down targets, since Sejuani has so many slows in her kit. Demolition is perfect for taking bonus gold from turret platings and conditioning will make you overall more tanky later on which is pretty useful. The 10% attack speed from masteries will help you proc your E faster too. For items, mobility boots is the best option so you can move as fast as possible around the map and roam even when {{summoner:12}} is on cooldown. From then, I recommend going {{item:3109}} if your squishy is heavily threatened by the enemy comp or {{item:3050}} if you can afford to go extra agressive. {{item:3190}} is pretty strong when it comes to keeping alive allies (seriously it is a pretty powerful item when timed correctly), {{item:3068}} is good to improve your pushing rhythm, {{item:3022}} or {{item:3025}} will slightly increase your damage while also making it even harder for enemies to escape. Basically all that will turn you into a beast with infinite slows and a pretty good burst that can make it impossible for enemies to escape once they are locked on, you have tons of choices to peel for your backline, you can punish bad positioning with your ultimate from a large distance, you secure dragons and baron with the second smite your team gets from you and you make it extremely hard for the enemy jungler to effectively gank your lane when you are present. As long as your adc is at least mediocre-good, it's nearly impossible for them to screw it all up too, since you will be basically serving right in front of them free kills. Not to mention Sejuani support is not something many see in games, so a lot of players will be caught by surprise when you bring it into bot lane. Again, let me know what you think! Any feedback is welcome, be it positive or negative. I am especially interested in hearing the opinion of devoted Sejuani players and their thoughts on potentially making Sejuani a support as well. Please be respectful though, that's all I am asking! Thanks for taking a moment to read that.

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