Runes Reforged for fighters

**Introduction** The topic I'm going to discuss today has been a lingering one ive been wanting to share with the community of league of legends, and its the impacting affect leagues new runes have had on fighters. **Alternative to Fervor of battle** I've been playing since the end of season 6 (roughly a year and 3/5) and ive seen the meta change through several buffs and tweaks, however none stand out for the fighters as much as the runes reformed, I believe this due to old mastery system primarily provided the tree of "fervor of battle" for fighters and bruisers, however in the new runes system, very few of the new runes contain all the essential aspects needed for fighters, this has lead to fighters all having to branch out to different runes to try and solidify their position in the meta, however none of the runes taken are actually truly efficient with fighters and work more effectively with other champion types. an example of this is with a majority of the fighters having to take "Press the attack," however "Press the attack" was intended towards ranged adc champions (we know this due to it being a part of the precision runes.) therefore the damage obtained from taking this rune path is more minimal than it should be, because the damage increased is large for a ranged adc champ, because they're ranged and if they did more damage then they already dish out then they'll be considerably stronger. but for a melee champion the damage increase isn't enough to win close duels or fights, making it inefficient for fighters. I feel this could be improved apon by increasing the damage output for melee champions that take this rune page, this would make this rune page viable for a lot more fighters, an example f one of these fighters are Fiora. the precision skill trees premises almost is perfectly correlated to her playstyle, with the increased attack speed every kill and the prolonged fights she duels people with outcome in her favour, however due to the severe lack of damage obtained from this tree, its not worth taking it with her at all, so a minor buff for melee champions taking this rune page would help her a ton. **Benefited fighters** however some fighters actually benefited from the new runes. fighters like rumble relied on runes like "deathfires touch," however he is now offered a choice between several that would provide some serious pros to his kit, in this case he could take aery, allowing for his pokes to be more effective and more bonus damage from his Q, another example f champions that benefited from the runes is kennen, kennen now outcomes additional poke damage and burst damage, and zhonyas made a significant impact on his ult performance, making his ult safer for him to produce, now with the new "watch" item, he now can receive a zhonya like item in the early game, making his performance early game incredibly impacting. **The branching paths fighters have to take** Due to the larger quantity of variety with the new runes, people can be more experimental with what runes they take, causing all the fighters to branch down a path, some ap fighters take aery, some bursty fighters take domination, and others can take resolve, however some fighters (primarily duelests that rely on long enagages) havent received runes designed for their kit, champions like renekton that havee this playstyle dont have a perfect rune path for them, ive explained why press the attack isnt the most viable for melee champions, resolve is mostly aimed towards tanky playstyles, domination is for bursty. as a fiora main ive found the most effective rune page for her to take STATISTICALLY is inspiration kleptomancy, as a utility rune path, this shouldnt be the most viable rune page for duelests. it should be rune pages that focus damage output, not branch through utility. **overall** Ive come to a conclusion that the new rune pages are an incredible step in the right direction, providing more utility and experimental ways to play league, however it of course comes with its flaws such as discarding specific champion playstyles, i feel as patches proceed through season 8, we'll see improved changes as the time goes by and i heavily encourage Riot to proceed in the direction they're heading ^^. Sincerely Ewokeon
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