1 Million mastery points reward

Hello, i am a Singed enthusiast, i have 710k mastery points on singed, and around 800 singed games (ranked and normals), i currently own every singed skin, except Riot Squad. That said i have a question: Have you ever considered rewarding players that reach 1million mastery points or 1000 ranked games with these types of skins? I think it would be a perfect goal for champion enthusiasts to master a champion without feeling the monotony of playing it every game, every day. Imo, this would make the game more dynamic, and I bet the players that already own these skins from previous events wouldn't mind it, since they paid 975 rp for these skins or just attended a pax event or smth. P.s- Even if OFFERING the skin would be a too huge of a reward, you could like, give us the skin shard and, in order to upgrade it, it would need around 5000 orange essence or... 7000... P.s.s- Even if there's a champion (lets say Ashe), that has no rare skins like Riot Squad Singed or Pax sivir, you could give the shard for Project: Ashe, and the upgrade cost could be around 1000 essence or 2000 (dunno how much a legendary skin costs in orange essence).
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