Reworks, Buffs or adjustments on Barely played champions

Its my first post on the forum so i was not sure if this is the right place to post this but i hope its in the right one. I want to add that English is not my first language so sorry for the spelling mistakes This is based on the Popularity rate on this site (Dont know if this is up to date) I was pretty hyped about the Kayle {{champion:10}} and Morgana {{champion:25}} rework but i was thinking about all the other champs that are rarely getting played (I know that they reworked Kayle bc of that reason) and should get a Rework or at least get some buffs/adjustments. **Champs like** Skarner {{champion:72}}, Aruelion Sol {{champion:136}}, Trundle {{champion:48}}, Rek'sai {{champion:421}}, Kog'Maw {{champion:96}}, Taliyah {{champion:163}} and so on. They dont even have bad kits there just underpowert. Maybe its just bc i am low elo but i've never actually seen a Corki {{champion:42}} or Rumble {{champion:68}} (Is it just me ?) Feel Free to discuss who else is not getting played as much and shude get Rework, Buffed or adjustments
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