nerf nidalee in aram

nerf this shit Q !!!!!!! I will create this topic until this removed! She was strong in this mode, why she was given another 12% damage !!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????? What the hell are Riot doing, what's wrong with them? They took away 15% of the damage from many heroes, because it was difficult to play against them. Ziggs Q did the same damage as Nidali's spear. As far as this is logical, they took away 15% of the damage from Ziggs and gave Nidali + 12% of damage, now she just collects the AP, and her spear does some incredible damage. I just caught Ezreal against Nidali, I had 900 health, Nidalee's spear did me over 600 damage. nerf this shit !!!! nerf !!!! For those who will write about her winrate, I absolutely do not care what her winrate in ARAM is. This shit needs to be fixed.
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