How to win games in low elo?

So im struggling to get through my placements.... I have played 6 games? i think and im at 2-4 and i don't want to blame my team but when our jungler runs into our jungle alt tabbed and gets killed by them and our bot lane decides to walk in one after the other and also dies which is followed by our top laner saying that the game is lost and is just tilted to hell what am i gonna do? The problem is this doesn't just happen on the off game every now and again. This often already starts when people are autofilled and say i don't supp i got autofilled. Give me mid or i troll. Don't get me wrong im a big fan of autofill also ccause it forces people to play different lanes but maybe in ranked it doesnt really help the good atmosphere. Anyway back to my original question. I manage to carry some games but it also depends on how well my team takes part in the team fight. I enjoy playing Kassadin a lot, but i do notice that if they start taking our inhib tower at 20 then im not gonna do much that game. So what can i do other than play all the OP champs to gain elo? How can i help the jungler not get sent to hell while he walks into the jungle blindly, or bot lane getting four man ganked with the tp coming from top?
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