Matchmaking, MMR and the stuff it does

So, let me say from the start that this might be a qq thread so bare with it :) a little bit about what happened: started this season from bronze, both flex and solo and I play both of them mostly solo so no one is helping me. During this journey I had 3 jumps in division and as I understand this is what happens when your mmr is a lot higher than your division. The interesting part is what happens after you get promoted to 1 division higher, for instance, you go from fifth division to third. At this point matchmaking has another trick up his sleeve. IT tries to get you back to the division you just jumped. How does it do this? Well, it seems that somehow you get matched with people who just play bad, are on a losing strike and tilted or stuff like that. A lot of people here might say that this is just mentality, you go in game thinking that you will lose, it's you and not your team, bla bla bla, BUT, It actually is not. Yes I do tilt, Yes, I do play bad in some games and Yes you sometimes lose that match in champ select, but this is just half the side of the coin. When you lose game after game just after you got promoted in 2 division and this thing happened 3 times already in 1 season, then there's something else in works here. Let's take what I play, I played soraka in both my flex and solo games. Both games were in a single day the flex game was after the solo duo game. I might have even been tilted from previous game, and in both games I was playing with people higher divisions than me. But I won that flex game while I lost the solo game. This is not just bad luck or me playing bad. Today I counted how many games I lost in solo rank g1 until I got demoted to g2 and as far as i could count there were 9 lost games and not a single win. 4 or 5 of those games I was on 0 lp. I don't have any conclusion or any solution to this. but just wanted to share something that's really annoying. P.S. when something happens once or twice it's just luck, but when it happens a third time it';s a pattern! Update: Just won the first game after getting demoted. This kinda proves my point here :/
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