Odyssey Missions: The Problem

Playing Odyssey game mode over the past 3 days, my experience has been: -Get into champ select immediately; ask for Sona/Ziggs only -Someone else asks for 2 augs, another for 3 or for all yas -Mexican standoff until someone instalocks a champ that puts Sona/Ziggs or all Yas off the table -Everyone agrees on 2/3 augs as a result (usually 2 by this point) -Load into game to find one person with 5 augs; immediate ff vote by somebody, followed by: a) Vote fails because 2 people are still farming augments so are happy enough to try and win despite the others seeing it as a complete and total waste of time, or b) Vote succeeds and we go back to the start - Should the vote fail, 1-2 people just afk immediately (I can't stand it when people do it so I don't even though I want to move to the next game asap) whereas the others try for the first few mins, end up failing to beat the first level with only 3-4 people. Next live: immediate ff vote which succeeds. This is **EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.** No hyperbole, every game this happens. These missions were not thought through at all well and, Riot, if you can't implent mission-type queues for future events I'd rather that you didn't make these types of missions for future events. Either that or make them two pronged like the SR missions - something like "Win with 5 Yasuos OR Win 5 times on Onslaught playing as Yasuo." so you're not at the mercy of 4 random people who will dictate if you can do these missions or not. Fortunately I was able to find a group to complete the Sona/Ziggs mission but am struggling to get a group for 3augs - because most people seem to be at either 4 or 2 atm. This brings me to another point; by staggering the missions this way, Riot have themselves caused all these problems. Why can't the missions all be unlocked together if seperate queues can't be implemented? It'd be a whole lot easier in soloqueue to try and find a compromise if everyone has the same missions available at the same time. The current upshot of this for me is that I've been sat in a lobby now for half an hour, waiting for people interested in a 3aug run, and only have another two hours when I can feasibly play today. So, this wonderful new game mode that Riot has created is, in effect, causing me to spend the vast majority of my game time _trying_ to get into a game rather than actually playing it itself. It's a chore now. Not fun, just a long boring wait (hopefully) followed by a quick game. At least that's slightly better than three days of constant arguments in champ select though, right? Think about it though Riot, is this how you want people to 'enjoy' the Odyssey game mode; by sitting around waiting for hours before playing a 20min game? Is that really your intention here? Because that's how it's ended up. I'm not sure if anyone's playing this mode for fun anymore (seriously, everyone in every champ select just wants to do the missions) and I'm sure it's these missions that have caused it. Nobody's able to try out a new build they've thought of because no game makes it past the first stage unless EVERYBODY in that game is on the same page and, well, we know that's never the case :( As a result it's just a grind for all to complete the missions rather than being able to enjoy the mode for what it is. It's no wonder that LoL playing figures drop after a rgm ends; after having to deal with all the shit that goes on in champ select (which is always worse than even blind normals tbh), I'm amazed more people don't just think "I've had enough of this." and leave. For all the good intentions of these missions, they tend to leave a sour taste in the mouth of many.
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