My second report after 13 Taliyah games in a row.

Well after all day Taliyah, I can clearly say Taliyah is pretty weak as damage but a nice ganker. Here is my report : **Q Skill :** - Low range + Seperated damage(5 rocks) also blockable. Even if you hit all rocks the damage in late game is not satisfied. - After using Q once on a place we should change our position because of second form of Q skill. so in a team fight we can use Q skill once if we are not fighting in a wide area or not kiting. I think this form should be changed or cooldown of that "one rock" attacks should be reduced to 1 sec or should deal more damage. I feel very useless in teamfights because of that. **W Skill : ** - Casting time should be reduced like 0.15 sec. **E Skill :** - Low range + Low damage I think after we "W" the enemy into our "E" skill it should deal more. Because it is so hard to land them in it in a teamfight. In team fights i feel useless. I changed my thoughts about w skill but now im depressed with q skill.
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