Like that title said, i was finally going to get bronze 2, then a first game with smurfs, diamond and a plat. Lost it ofc Next game, again agaisnt smurfs, lost it. Lost my promos to B2. Because of these assholes that are too afraid of their own elo, so they come to less experienced players, these are just cowards. %%%% them. Maybe i'm angry, but i deserve to be. I didn't loose because i don't deserve to be bronze 2, it's because i don't deserve to be Diamond. Worst part is, i go and look, and smurfing is actually permitted? WTF? How is smurfing permitted? Like what the %%%% ? All games have smurfing being literally illegal. But LoL ? It's ruining ranked gameplay, especially to noobs like me. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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