Riot has just given up on Normals it seems Even if you used the most acrobatic of mental gymnastics and pulled out the classic "but muh normals mmr different than ranked mmr" How the absolute %%%% can you possibly so much as *suggest* that a Bronze 4 24% winrate player has the same, or even **close to the same** MMR, normals, flex or otherwise, to a Platinum 4 player with a 56% winrate? What possible numbers did the matchmaking algorithm cling to in order to justify the lopsided logic of "oh yeah these 2 players definitely belong in the same game together, these 2 teams are definitely of close overall strength" I mean I get it, right? It's just normals, who cares? But if you're not gonna even try with this gamemode, at least remove it. Make flex and ranked the only 2 queues, it'll at least improve queue times.
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