Azir is too weak

Riot Games, can you please revert Azir changes that were made to his spells in patch 7.19 because champion is literally unlplayable right now. He loses every single matchup and has nothing to give to his team in order to win. I understood that mini rework that was done, you wanted to give azir more early power in exchange of late game power, but it all ended with him beeing useless in early, mid and late game. He can't fullfill any function that he had: If you for example prefer to build poke dmg azir then just pick syndra, azir doen't have the range and the dmg and if you want the late game mage carry then just go with Ryze because ryze is much easier and much much more profitable than the azir. Before his rework he had weak early game during which he had mana problems and his ganks even after lvl6 were not as profitable as other champions but in late game he was an absolute monster when played right. You alredy did revert some changes that you made in the past like le blan mini rework, rengar q and zac ulty. Can you please make the same with azir because even the super nerfed version before patch 7.19 was way more better than the one we have on the live patch
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