Wards and map awareness as an adc

I don't play a lot of SR games but when I do I really don't ward much My priority while in game is to track the enemy jungler and midlanner (adc srcub here), so since most of the time I already know where the enemy jungler is and if the enemy midlanner is in lane or not, I really don't need to ward for them that much Specially when you consider that my support will already be warding river anyway So like, I end up "saving my wards" for when I need them, stuff like warding the side bush if they have an all in support hiding in there or warding behind drake pit when we're doing drake to avoid steals But since I save my wards for these special ocasions that don't happen often, I end up geting punished for it with a low vision score which in turn hinders my mastery rating So, what am I supposed to do with my wards ? should I keep saving my wards for when they're needed and get a low vision score, or should I waste them in situations that don't need wards for the sake of vision score ? or maybe it's worth it to lose cs to go deep ward in the enemy jungler to facilitate jungler tracking ? EDITS for clarity : I usually play premade with a cute support and comunicate with her in voice chat and the rest of the post is strictly about lanning phase warding
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