Climbing seems to be full of luck

I dont say its not about skills but this season looks like many people got up the ladder with luck. Look i got plenty of games on my 2 account too and i go against gold/plat players.I got p5 enemy mid that took 4 kills against my midlaner and he was lv 12....because of his farm. Me as adc i was lv 14...Because farming ofc. That guy p5 player with his jgl support etc..they all said "farm is not important just kill"But they were all lower lv then ad..and doing poorly. I cant believe a gold/plat player will say farm is not important.And ofc that midlaner ended up after 40 mins game with 120 farm..are you serious????????? They are not all boosted they got there with luck.For %%%% sake i cant believe skills have no more value here. And by the way i saw diamond/plat players stuck in gold..even master tier stuck in diamond.Nop full luck seems for me..

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