You need to look into keystones hurting champion balance

**Conquerer **has made **Jax **{{champion:24}} overbearing, he now COUNTERS his old counters!.. Malphite {{champion:54}} and Singed{{champion:27}} , he has no problem vs them any more. Age old counters are now just laughed at. Look at Jax vs Malphite now. And you've nerfed Jax twice, once you nerf Conq he'll be bad. Look at **Lissandra**{{champion:127}} , she is too reliable/strong because of **Aftershock**. Klepto is keeping Ezreal{{champion:81}} afloat, and many other champions in top lane. It completly flipped Viktor{{champion:112}} , into a top lane champion, now he's nerfed for both top and mid. Also Malphite{{champion:54}} currently has no good runes. He's totally wrecked. He has no niche in countering Jax and being a safe pick vs Riven etc, because they just get through him with conq. On a positive note I'm glad that you're reverting IE{{item:3031}} from true damage back to increased crit damage. This is because currently there is far too much true damage in the game. There's no point in buffing Malphite either as that would be a power creep. Malphite has never been weaker than season 8/9. Fizz{{champion:105}} is being kept afloat from Electrocute. Without it he has no where near the burst he once did. Compared to S3/4 his W damage and DOT is lower, his Q is worse (can be flashed), his ult damage is lower, the ult is less effective at close range (nerfed the q+R combo), his E damage and ratio are down, his **E has a higher CD and this is MASSIVE** because he now can't use: _a full rotation > E > Zhonya{{item:3157}} > full rotation > E_. Admittedly, Fizz{{champion:105}} was too strong back in the old days, however, comparatively he's just worse now. Electrocute makes his damage good but this is not good. I'm interesting in any solutions people have. One possible option is lowering the power level of keystones and runes, so that the champions bring their own niches. We need to remove or rework conqueror because it's made Jax{{champion:24}} , and many other out of control. It's also crushed Malph Another thing to note is that the old Thunderlord's Degree was holding up Gangplank{{champion:41}}. This is what made GPs ult so strong and inflated GP's strength. He would pick up so many kills per game and his influence over bot lane was gigantic. So you nerfed GP's ult really badly, and then removed TLD. Now GP has a very weak ult. I appreciate that you don't want to remove/rework keystones just because of single outlying abusers but it's hitting the games balance quite hard. Edit: I forgot to mention Dark Harvest Karthus{{champion:30}}. The synergy with his ult is just too strong. He's currently perma-ban.
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