How to find a main champion?

Hi I don't have a main champion. I just have a few champs per role I can play well, but there is no champion that I truly main, that I can spam and never tire of. I main jungle, but that doesn't mean that the champion I want to main has to be a jungler. I like playing {{champion:77}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:266}} in jungle, but neither seem like a main to me (Udyr is the closest). For top I like playing {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} but I'm quite new to them. For mid I like {{champion:34}}. My current best adc is {{champion:81}} and 2nd is {{champion:222}}. I don't like playing support that much (even though it's my most played role) but I like playing {{champion:44}}. I used to main {{champion:76}} before rework. I adjusted to new Nidalee and I could play her, but since she got moved to jungle she got nerfed and is bad in mid or top lane. Help me find a main champ :(
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