Qiyana looks boring

and i don't mean "boring to play", her mechanics are interesting and i'm glad she can use her stealth once and then she has to pick up the element again (hopefully with a decent CD on her W) I mean she looks generic. even her splash art has that bored look on her face, with that generic outfit and "Perfect hairdo", nothing about her screams "empress of the elements" and her annoying "edgy" quotes make her just another "you can't tell me what to do! i'm 13 and i'm not a kid anymore" kinda champion (or in this case an "i'm better than everyone because i say so" champion). I mean, you guys could have given her something...ANYTHING to make her look unique in her own way (for christ sake she almost has the exact same hair as sweetheart annie) i don't know, give her a cool looking scar, tattoos (maybe representing the elements she controls) a different hairstyle...anything. right now she is just "generic female champion n. 310293". I was expecting better from you, Riot {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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