Goodbye Fist of shadow... :(

Goodbye Fist of shadow... :(
Riot just fucked up our old Akali with this new Trashkali...... We want back the old akali!!!
Hey Riot... I used to text you about will you turn back the old Akali Fist of shadow? Lot of us used to main her before the rework and also i used to main her since the season 3.... We really miss the old akali and im ready to do all only just for one game with her... Or just turn back the old akali for one day so we can play again with her.. This new rework isn't good for us. 5 years of playing this beautiful champ and you just reworked her really stupid for me and all old akali mains... I used to watch a lot of videos with the old akali so i can be good with her and when it happens , you just change her a lot... We miss the 3x jumps and old Q .. Even now with this new patch and the nerf of her W and Q heal on 100 energy is sad... just take a loo of my last video with her. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{champion:84}}
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