Let's talk about stop watch for a minute. This "item" that has been added to the league has ruined my league experience. The addition of this item reminds me of the time when they added ardent, every support player bought the item and had 1000 hp shields on the adc making it impossible for me (as an assassin main) to kill anyone. I can't even kill my mid lane opponent because they afk under tower and guess what? i can't even dive them with Zed ult like i used to because all the ennemie has to do is press one damn key to be able to survive and getting me killed because of the tower. Next thing I want to say is that this item that can litteraly be obtained for free is game changing. Adc makes a positioning mistake in tf? Oh well guess what? They got stop then activate that bs item and win the tf. This item is one of the worst additions riot has ever made to the game. I am a huge fan of league but this item is too strong and has to either get deleted or changed because I don't know how I am gonna win games if i can't kill the enemy adc or even my lane opponent. Really though, please do something riot...
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