Master yi-s true damage

Master yi, the champion who needs you to basically spam right click and q. His q makes him already untargetable. Now, let's take a look at his E. Master yi gains TRUE DAMAGE, scaling off of his AD. So he's untargetable, and he deals true damage. Okay, now add in a red buff and a conquerer in the mix. The ultimate true damage machine. This is braindead, since you can just press attack on move and Q. Unless the enemy team has alot of hard CC, you'll die, but most times, there isn't enough or no hard cc. And that which exists, might be hard to hit, since you're immune to slows too! (Ekko's W; Morgana Q; Elise cocoon ETC.) So now you've got a champion that is immune to slows, can become untargetable every second or 2 seconds, and who deals true damage. Just for fun (and to question riot balance) I went and tested how much true damage would he actually do. The build was the following: {{item:1419}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3022}} He ended up having 2.8K health and 317 AD at level 18 with that build. So against a target dummy he would do 777 damage normally, 770 physical damage and 122 true damage to a total of 892 damage. 308 true damage and 613 physical damage to a total 921 damage (conqueror gives some AD). Now with his E and Conq, how much damage would it be? 608 physical damage and 441 true damage to a total of 1019 damage. Huh. Seems fine already. Now then, let's add a redbuff. Okay, red buff didn't change much, but it did give like 10 extra true damage + a bleed. I initally tried this with cut down, but it disturbed the math by quite a bit. So, what did I gather from this? Master Yi converts ~40% of his damage into true damage, he gains movement speed, is immune to slows and i untargetable every 2 seconds. Riot seriously needs to nerf Master Yi. If there is a Yi on one team, and not much hard cc on the other team, Yi will just Q that hard cc that exists, uses qss on that 1 thing he gets hit by and then proceeds to wreck everyone with his 40% damage being true damage. If you're a tank, you don't stand a chance. The worst part about yi is that his true damage is scaling, not like the old irelias, where it wouldn't be as relevant in the lategame. TL;DR Master Yi has inbuilt true damage, movement speed, slow immunity, untargetability and with conqueror he is not balanced, as he will shred through anything. Even a 1700 armor Sejuani or a 1000 armor Rammus. This needs to be nerfed. PS: since i'm an autist, idk if i made a point or not, but here you go anyway.
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