Unbalanced games, add 10 minute ff ?

Games are so stupid to play, either one team wins so hard that u cant do anything in 10th min or someone is trolling around. It is not even close to last year. One team always have 2 lanes lost solo and than 3rd lane cant do anything about it cuz they are so fed to deal with. I feel like riot should introduce 10 minute ff so we can end these games faster, because it is not fun to play lost game for next 10/15 where you cant even go to your jng to farm, and someone is keep going no on surr even if he is 0/5 or trolling. I dont feel fun in playing games where i win while not even trying in 10 min while enemy team cant do anything or some of them are afk in base cuz they cant do anything. And i think we all know games where we lose in 10th min when 2 other laneres come in our lane and demolish us. I seriously hope this will change soon, at least in these gold/plat games where u need to spend lot of time to climb, and if u cant enjoy it at least for 2 games a day than this game is far away from fun. This is ofc my opinion, i would like to hear other opinions. Are u having fun ?
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