Better champs win????

I mean maybe is just me but from s7 it seems that skills are not so important anymore.Better champs always win. Like abusing the meta for example.I watched some apdo/dopa youtube videos that was giving tips and that guy is a god.And even him said "Right now more important is to play the right champ.Skills are not so important" He said that.Abuse meta like ardent once was or the champs that can give you elo. A better team composition always win.Like full cc with 2 3 tanks in team..etc. I mean no matter what i try to do better champs always win.Playng {{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} top or {{champion:19}} jgl etc its very probably youre gonna win the game. I dunno why but it seems skills arent important that mutch.Just play the right champ..
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