Toplane gets more frustrating to play patch by patch

Don't get me wrong I love toplane. On Toplane I can play my favorite champs and experience some good 1v1s and play toplane in a 5v5 team in some small tournaments with friends which is enjoyable because everyone knows what their doing and how to play arround eachother. But for Soloque Toplane just feels like the worst role right now. And heres why: There is no real meta toplane except a Counterpick meta: You literally can't pick any toplaner blind without having a direct counterpick done to your champion. As someone who really loves hardcore meeles that don't really have cc or mobility but high raw dmg output it's really frustrating to get a mage or ranged toplaner instantly picked into you just because you wanted to play a meele which results in your laning phase being completly shutdown by range advantage. And if they are first pick they also pick a safe ranged toplaner first to denie a meele toplane pick. This got so frustrating to the point where I started to play klepto Kennen and Vladimir in some situations which i really hate myself for because these champs just don't make me fun and I hate to abuse some stupid mage with a overpowered low cost item build and a overpowered rune just to get to play lanephase. And toplane is the only lane where this happens. If people started to play tanks mid or botlane they would instantly get killed off in that role just toplane is allowed to get abused for some reason. Overpowered mage items:Now the reason why mages are so much better at doing sh't in toplane than an actual meele toplane champ. Their Itembuilds are so overstated and so cheap that they get a way faster impact than a bruiser with a 3.3k Gold item they have to buy. Prime examples of these items are the infamous Protobelt Zhonya combo. Not only do they get alot of:AP,Hp,Armor and CDR no they also get a active which allows you to straight up oneshot people from lvl 6 but no they also gain a 2.5 second invulnerability and for what cost:5400 gold.... These items just are so cheap it's hillarious. And they all have incredibly item friendly build paths. And don't get me wrong these aren't the only overpowered mage items Lost chapter would also be in for some nerfs. Mage items in general are so powercreept that they beat any item by pure statlines giving tankyness hp mana ability power cdr heck even atack speed at once in a big itemization. Junglers have too much free time:Junglers at the moment have way too much free time for ganking while not needing to farm too much because they soak so much exp from laners after ganking. I had games where the enemy jungler was perma camping me or botlane and still had a 2 level advantage over my jungler while being at a reasonable high cs without ever really doing camps really. Meanwhile my Jungler only farms his camps and ganks once or twice till lanephase is over. The only guy who can punish the jungler for camping and not farming is your jungler and if he doesn't do thats it's a gg because the Jungler gets away with that sh't for free. A good change that would also help regulating funneling would be that hunters machete etc had a effect that cut down on exp from lane minions till min 10 or something so Junglers would actually force to jungle if they want to keep their lead. Toplane has the least impact on objectives and the game itself from all lanes:Don't get me wrong toplane can solo carry a game if they play the right champion but only if they get an incredible kill and gold lead. On topside the only objective you have is the rift herald so the jungler can gank top once or twice to capture it but then it becomes uninteresting for the rest of the game. The junglers and midlaners probably will play bot then because there is the way tastier drake and more kills to get because there are 2 people on botlane. The only way you can play your lead on the map as a toplaner is if you roam midlane or teleport which has a 6 minute cooldown. Meanwhile the midlaner can impact top and botlane and can duo invade with the Jungler. On Botlane the support can roam mid or invade the enemy jungle with your jungler. And there allways are 2 kills if the enemy does a missplay so the adc gets twice as much of a kill lead of a won fight. Toplane can only get more objectives if they do a good splitpush and to get that coordinated in solo que without proper voicechat is almost impossible. The longer the game lasts the more worthless toplane becomes:Because we have a heavy crit meta alot of toplaners get outscaled by the adc the longer the game progresses. The frontliners in the enemy team also will stack resistances which makes it harder to take on more people at once. And you can be glad if it takes that long and that the enemy adc doesn't have 3 items at min 20 through botlane difference. When your team missplays the only thing as toplaner you can do is sit and watch how the enemy adc shoves 1 double kill after another into your face. The moment you beaten your toplaner will stop because the first tower will fall and that leads me to my next part Turretplatings snowball way too hard:Another reason why everyone plays arround bot are the turret platings. So even if you play good in toplane and get a reasonable lead, if your Botlane fcks up and the first tower falls pre min 10 or in min 10 all your lead is gone. The laneswap will be done to feed even more platings into the fed enemy adc and there is no way that you can 2v1 them properly especially with how cc heavy supports are at the moment. And then you basically can wait for the min 15 ff because you can't snowball a harder lead anymore.
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