Mages vs Assassin...IS THIS EVEN FAIR?

Now don't get me wrong, i understand that an Assassin is supposed to one shot and everything, but the problem i have personally is that Assassins have more counter build items than Mages. They have {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3814}} even {{item:3111}} if they want. Also, I would also like to include AP Assassins too, since that problem also includes them, not only Mages. What do Mages have to counter Assassins? {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}} Sure {{item:3047}} can be used but it will merely just delay our doom since it will sacrifice magic penetration or CDR. This is the one particular unbalance i see in League, whether i do very good in a match, or very bad. Like that's not bad enough, counter build items is one thing, but the patch 8.9 is already an addition to the problem. I'm already having a ton of problems with mana even if {{item:3285}} gives a fine amount, but i am even starting to use {{item:3003}} just to have a load more, and i don't even need or want to use! Especially on my main {{champion:161}} . I'm even using it to make use of its shield in combination of {{item:3285}} . With those 2 combined that gives me 2000 extra mana and a 574 shield based on mana, and combined with Barrier (which i prefer personally), that's a 1029 shield. Rod of ages is a little helpful too but it gives like 100 extra or something. Still testing that. And what? With the Mana nerf on all Mages on Patch 8.9 with their "mages too dominant on pro plays" Pro plays? But not in normals? I can tell there is a glimpse of bias in them, and a desire to see their favorite Assassin on their LCS. But just because Mages are "dominant" in pro plays, doesn't mean they are not in normal games. Like seriously Riot...GIVE SOME ITEMS TO COUNTER ASSASSINS. I know they are supposed to one shot us, but only having 2 items to counter them? Unacceptable. I'm not asking for Assassin nerfs, just extra options to counter more and think more strategically, because this is literally unfair. Note: I've beaten Assassins before because i already know their weakness and everything. But this is still a problem.
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