Is the game designed this way that only one jungler in the game can have impact?

We all have bad junglers in our games TBH I use to be a jungle main and I just started playing support because honestly I believe I can have much more impact on the game if I play support. That is to say support is probably the easiest role in the game if you have a brain. But I still believe that jungle is the hardest role in the game since more often then not you are not going 1v1 against your counter part so you have to do a lot of stuff to impact the map that can be quite hard considering how much junglers are awarded by ganking and not AFK farming to carry mid-late. No it's not the junglers job to help loosing lanes as a matter of fact it's not a jungler's job to win laners their lane it has never been that way. Good old days of season 6 when you can just AFK farm on graves and Nida to carry mid-late. But now it seems like ganking and helping lanes are the only way a jungler can play not to say that it's a bad thing. If you can help your teammates it's a good thing but that is if your teammates can actually carry. Because junglers can't carry the game anymore. No matter how fed of a rengar or khazix you have it will still not be better then a zoe or urgot. Well that aside since ganking is rewarded that much why not just gank!gank!gank! honestly that seems to be the playstyle for junglers right now. But if one jungler is constantly ganking and other jungler is counter jungling and setting up vision. The ganking jungler will be in better spot no matter what counter jungling and warding don't mean a thing right now. Farming for mid-late game is not a thing and that is what concerns me. That AFK farm carry late game style of Khazix, Graves and Nida use to be what I loved about jungling sure I loved ganking with them but some junglers like Sejuani and Olaf can have better ganks then these carry junglers and also have better late game. Uber Danger - It just seems like every game you have a King kong on one team and a King Monk on the other. To me that seems right one jungler has all the impact in the game whether it's solo Q or pro play. It seems Riot has designed it that way and honestly it sucks.

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