people say sivir is god tier! is it true?!

title) even third party sites say that she is the best adc ever i don't know why? my enemy sivirs always die to me!?! literally why?the only good thing i found on her is her E that can be very useful after huge nerfs to sivir i thought she will throw forgotten but...! why people say that she is strong and the most op adc while : 1-she is hyper-mana hungry 2-her Q does less damage if it move through minions. 3- w deals even less damage now after patch 9.16 and also this ability totally does zero increased damage to champions ( only some attack speed after level 6 ) 4- her passive and R is completely useless! no one needs movement speed in battle! 5- she has only 500 attack range! i need someone to explain why one shot jhin! hyper carry tristana/jinx and perma feather xayah isn't a S tier but a sivir is?!? if sivir is op and i am mistaken then what item i can build on her ? what runes/abilities?
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