The ADC, are they too strong at the moment ?

Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to talk about an item that I do not really understand : {{item:3139}} Currently, the ADC don't really need armor penetration to hurt, a build {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3026}} is absolutely possible and an efficient option. I do have a problem with it, because for me the balance in the game looks like this : Burst and Cc > ADC > Frontline > Burst and Cc (infernal circle) Well, with the build I suggested above, an adc becomes less sensitive to burst and so they are a "unstoppable". Of course, you can get them, but it is really difficult figuring out : They usually have peeling from their team They have a support behind'em +QSS guardian angel It starts to be a lot ! I see too many games overcarried by adc and I find it unfair, because **sometimes the adc are not good, they take heavy punishment from their mistakes and they manage to survive regardless of it**. Moreover, I see full stuffed adc almost every game, whereas, me as a mid laner, I really scarcely manage to be full built even when I do have a good farm-kda score. As a conclusion, here are my key sentences : • ADC have defensive options that mixes perfectly damage and defense, so they don't waste a lot of damages building defensive. • Thanks to their defensive items and the supports' mechanics they become nearly unkillable. • The backlash for buying defensive items is not harsh enough. I wish I can get your feedbacks, please, even if you disagree with me, stay calm and polite or I will not answer.
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