Low skill - high reward champs...

Hi, I think it's a major issue, especially for Solo Q, that there are many champs who just seem to have no counterplay or just are too strong for what low mechanics they need. Here are some of the champs I am talking about: -Fizz -Warwick -Tryndamere -Master Yi -Volibear It's quite frustrating to play against some of these champs because champs like, for an example, Fizz are insanely strong and don't see, to require a lot of skill for the average player. Fizz can jump off with his e everytime he traded and takes literally no damage at all. Some champs can counter him by stunning him if he wants to trade, but i think these are just a few out of many. Champions like Yi completely destroy Solo Q because of their low skillcap and their heigh damage output. I think Riot has really improved with balancing over the last years, i mean every newer champ has some sort of major counterplay or hard game mechanic which is easy to learn, but hard to master. But this doesnt change the fact, that the old mechanics like Fizz or Yi are still in the game. For me as an Solo Q only player (currently ranked Silver V) it's really frustrating to play against these champs and it feels like there is no end. It's no option to say :"If they are broken or unfair, why don't you play them yourself and expose their weaknesses throught others ?" I already did that too, and althought i won the most of the games, playing champs like these isnt really fitting my playstyle. Feel free to leave your suggestions against these champs down in the comments and vote the post up, so everyone can discuss, I think it's a really interesting topic. Be sure to tell me what your most hated champs are . Good luck in solo Q{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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