Which way should Senna go?

Hey, I was just curious. Which way do you all think Senna should go? I think we can all agree she's currently just a bit too good at her job as support and adc alike, so nerfs are definitely inbound. But which role do you guys want to see her as after the nerfs? I know she is supposed to mainly be a support with an adc playstyle, but I have to admit that I personally would much rather see Senna be pushed into that adc role than into the support role. The reason for this is mainly that I enjoy the fact she feels kinda like a second Jhin when playing her as adc. She has the range and slower rate of fire, along with the abilities that work on their own rather than supplementing her auto attacks. She doesn't play like the average adc, which I like since when I get filled into the adc role I would really like to have a choice between more caster adc's. Currently there's Jhin and Lucian, and to a lesser extent Xayah, but that's kinda where the fun caster adc's end. I think if Senna was to be pushed into the adc role, I'd want her to be somewhat viable as a solo laner too. Like Lucian, an adc that's not abysmal early but loses out on some late game power. This'd mainly be done through some nerfs to her passive and a decrease in power in her supporty abilities (Q healing down, R shielding down, W cooldown increase, etc.). That way her solo laning capabilities are at least there, although still not anything you'd wanna bring into ranked, and as an adc she'd be pretty safe/opressive but weaker in the late game than, say, a Vayne. If she'd be pushed into the support role more though, I think a nerf in her damage is justified. Right now she's that strong early game adc, but she falls off a tiny bit late game. That tiny fall off currently gets caught by the other adc though. I think if Senna was gonna be a support adc I would prefer to see her follow the classic adc logic: weak early but scales up late. This could be done through upping the healing on her Q with passive stacks, and making her other supporty aspects scale more too. This way she'd be kinda like a ticking support time bomb, where instead of 1v5'ing when she hits late, she makes it very difficult to kill her team late. Idk, I'm not a balancing expert, but if the choice needs to be made between viable ADC/solo laner or viable Support, I'd want it to be ADC. What's y'all's opinion?
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