~~~Rework is needed for points' systems.~~~

I truly believe, that RIOT has to update the influence and champion mastery points systems. Right now they both scale into victory, nothing else (yes there are still other factors, but they get overran by outcome of the match). **INFLUENCE POINTS** By level 10 (average) you will have received 6300 IP, that's 7,3% of experience needed for level 30. By level 30 you should have around 86000 IP. That's enough for two rune pages and a few champions (1350+ IP). This means that to get every champion or at least a good portion of them, you need to grind for a while. Then there's the fact that when you lose a match, no matter how well you did or how long the match was, you received significantly less IP than we winning side. I am not saying that both sides have to receive the same amount, but make it more reasonable. Increase IP gain for both and make them scale more into personal influence to the match. You can play like a complete monkey, get carried and you receive the same reward as the carry(s) or you can be the one trying hard to carry a monkey, and receive still those crappy 60IP for a loss. Increase the IP gain and make them scale more into personal influence to the match, rather than just the outcome of one. **CHAMPION MASTERY POINTS** Idea of these points was to show how skilled (or unskilled?) you are with a group of champions. This how ever, turned out to be a points system to show, how many games you've won on X champion (in a way). Make it actually scale mostly off your personal score, your personal influence on the match. What's the point of this points system, when you receive 100 points when you did extremely good (16-4-XX score) but lost the match and 1500 points when you were doing extremely bad (X-XX-X score) but won the match? Wasn't the entire point of these points to show your personal skill level with a champion? If so, make it actually do that! make these points scale mostly into personal score, influence on the match etc, not just the outcome of the match itself. Right now, according to this system, I'm an "extremely noob scrub" on X champion, even though my score in the match was 16-4-20 and maybe I did a penta kill. Because match was lost, because of reasons, I got 100 points, BUT (it's a BIG BUTT!) if we changed outcome of the match I would have received up to 2000 points!! Winning and losing doesn't decide our personal skill with a champion, but our personal skill, score does!! __ That's it, these are my thoughts, share yours now.
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