Hard Stuck Gold - Players Problem

Yes , i am hard stuck gold , it's my fault that not every kid with 1 neuron can be carried ... It's my fault that Lee troll picks and feeds whole game , it's my fault that nasus did the same then he was farming instead of going in teamfights ... It's my fault that i did 68k dmg which was triple + x the amount of second place dmg ... It's my fault that i lost the game ?? Thx for Demote Riot i got freakin S+ but u decided to demote me... YES i am hardstuck gold , and it's not my fault , cuz that happens everytime i try to boost them . And NO , it's not just an unlucky match , i checked their profiles Lose after Lose after Lose , feeding almost every single game ... IT's my fault ??? I am tired of losing promos after promos due to Troll Pickers and Feeders ... i tried to keep calm and not flame ... but i should and THEY FREAKIN DESERVE IT ! I don't get it how people got to Plat , i am better than all of my friends which are in High Elo , the " hard stuck gold " player that they say :) Lost promo to g1 4 times now , and got demoted to g3 still 4 times .
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