so... um... Illaoi

{{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{item:3070}} so, right away from her release, after about 2 days of everyone yelling that shes op, she gets forgotten completely. she doesent take much skill to play and she can wrek low elo scrubs, so what's the deal with her? here are a few of my opinions about tentacle queen: i think that shes brilliant design wise, but not gameplay wise. and its probably because of her lack of mobility and CC. now, i'm not saying that a champion needs CC to be good, but... they kinda do need cc to be good. illaoi is just sad to see, she gives me vietnam flashbacks to yoric and aatrox and how theyre just there to be there, without any real purpouse. now, i get illaoi's concept, that you need to move constantly to dodge her, but its not really that hard, you just need some boots, and she wont hit you at all, as long as your brain can function even a little bit. what i would have liked instead, would be a lower damage, high CC champion, i mean, come on, its tentacles, youre gonna tell me that roots {{champion:143}} can hold someone better than a fucking tentacle god, when i saw her splash, i thought that i would be seeing roots, snares, tentacles holding people down, trying to struggle out of their grasp, not to dodge it, how you gonna tell me that a tentacle god isnt gonna have more accuracy. i've never before seen a champion need a rework right at their release. sure, i like the way shes unique and all, but shes just not practical. surely riot could have thought of a way to impliment CC into her kit, i mean {{champion:92}} has CC even though she just has a sword, as far as i know, slashing people to bits doesent stun them. what do you think about our lord and saviour illaoi?
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